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Pricing for Golf Instructors


  • View and comment on your students latest rounds on PC, MAC or mobile device.
  • Your name listed in instructor drop down menu when your students sign up.
  • Stay in touch with your students anywhere in the world.
  • Personal account that you can use for your personal stats.

(Note: Great for relationship building and student retention.)

Instructor Membership Pricing: $25 Annual Account

Watch Video
Watch the Video The Game Plan is unlike any stat program you have ever used. Convenient & powerful, it gives your players a plan to improve >>>

Instantly see progress toward your goals

Log in and instantly see a summary of your most recent rounds how it compares to your Goals. The Area of Focus gives helpful tips and drills that focus on the part of your game that you are furthest from your goal.


All your students in one place,build relationships

See all your students, click on any student's name to look at all their trends, rounds and goals. Even sort your student list by any stat and export them to a spreadsheet for targeted marketing. Comment on their rounds or progress in a matter of seconds.


Entry on the go, no app needed.

No app to download. You'll automatically see the mobile version when using your phone's browser. Touch screen and Non-touch screen mobile versions. All the same features on a Mobile layout. Enter a round on your mobile device before you even get from 18th green to your car.

my goals

Move from goals to an attack plan

Specific goals are the magic needed to take your score to the next level and develop a plan. Slide the goals to different levels and instantly see the scoring areas affect your projected scores. Tracking stats is better than nothing, but planning and setting goals are what make stats matter. Bring attention to where it's needed and place goals into small achievable bites.

my results

Watch your player's entire game come to life.

See a dynamic bar chart of each round. Watch the trend lines to see where your scoring areas are improving and declining on a broader scale. Virtual Competitors let you compare each area of your game to the stats of All-Americans, Tour Players and more.

instructor tips

Help where you need it 24 hours a day

Find ways you can help your students get more out of the GamePlan. See ways fellow teachers and coaches are getting the most out of the system.

enter round

Enter rounds in under 60 sec...Finally!

Convenience is King. Entering your stats should be quick and easy. Enter a round in under 60 seconds on a computer or mobile device. Track 3 custom stats unique to your game.

Personal bests

Personal Bests were meant to be broken.

Your Personal Bests will be updated every time you enter a round. Try and break a Personal best in one area of your game each time you hit the links. Print or share your Personal Bests on Twitter or Facebook with the touch of a button.

Supercharge your lessons for 25 bucks, try it now.

Receive a 20% referral on every student sign up ( credit).